Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Driving and Thank You

We have been driving for over 12 hours and I've just looked at the fundraising page to see that, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of you, the sponsors, the total raised is over £900. A couple more donations and it will reach four figures, which is beyond all my expectations. On behalf of Leuka I would like to thank everyone who has already been so kind. The weather forecast isn't looking quite as good as it was a couple of days ago. Friday's wind speeds have increased from 15 to 30 kph. I hope the current trend doesn't continue. In any case, tomorrow we'll assemble bikes and I'll take the Chopper for a test ride. As it's France I'll be drinking Orangina rather than Tizer. Honestly, the French have no idea about fizzy drinks. What's the point of having one with a recognisable foodstuff in it, ie actually fit for human consumption?

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