Thursday, 8 May 2014

"For those who suffer, we ride."

This is where tomorrow's attempt will start, in Bedoin. Today I rode from here for about 7km, ie about a third of the distance but only a fraction of the climb. My conclusion is that tomorrow's ride is going to be horribly difficult. For a start, my inner thighs are already raw from the 70s Sergio shorts. I'm going to revert to my denim cut-offs, which haven't caused me that particular problem in training. I know from experience how a mountain can grind a person down, particularly an Englishman used to punching his way up little Oxfordshire hills. I have decided that I'm ready for any amount of suffering. I'm going to need to be. 20 ascents of Watlington Hill is pathetic in comparison. No matter: the only things that are going to prevent me doing this are: the Chopper breaking; some sort of accident; or the wind blowing me off the bike. I'm going to put on that Fireflies jersey and get on with it. For those who suffer, we ride. Please donate here if you would like to fight leukaemia:


  1. I know Bédoin & Malaucène too, but never ridden up Ventoux. Very best of luck, hope the weather (wind) isn't too awful. Good luck too to the wannabe Cinglés. Don't forget to stop at Chalet Reynard and Tom Simpson's memorial.